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Solo Exhibition

February 17, 2020

Solo exhibition in mediatheque Saint Cyprien, Toulouse, France

The Chant of Questions

November 23, 2019

solo Exhibition in Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv

part of the annual Illustration week 

Whale and Other Birds

June 20, 2019

solo exhibition in Alfred Gallery studio

תערוכת יחיד בסטודיו גלריה אלפרד

שאלות עננים Questions nuages

January 01, 2020

a children book project gathering questions and answers on clouds

ספר ילדים בעבודה, שאלות ותשובות על עננים

"Pourqui les nuages pleurent?"

"parce-que comme nous, ils sont parfois tristes"

"למה העננים בוכים"

"כי כמונו, הם לפעמים עצובים"

The confession

January 01, 2020

Installation work

a suspended paper circle

when entering it , you are surrounded with drawings and objects, each representing one of the seven deadly sins of christianity or each representing seven moments of compassion toward human fear and pain.

the floor below is covered with 15 kilo of salt

headphones give you a glimpse of whispering voices, sharing their most intimate confessions.

The Porcupine Prince

January 01, 2020

Children book project in the making, Written by Tom Haviv

due to be published in 2020 in Ayin Press

Lior Shoov's album cover

May 15, 2017

Illustration work for the cover and booklet of Lior Shoov's Album "Lior Shoov", 2017

Illustration for Odaka Home's Ceramics

Illustration for "Odaka Home" gold on black ceramics urbanism themed collection

 collaboration with ceramic artist David Seth

Dream Illustrations

The Dream Illustration Project is a performative occurrenceِ. A booth/stand to which people come to tell their dreams which are then drawn by Yanfush and given back to the dreamer.


The project took place in 2016 Vitrina Festival in Haanut Theater-Gallery (inside the shoping window)

and in Pandora Collective launch of their second magazine Issue in Hamiffal هميفعل המפעל in Jerusalem (inside the old building's elevator)

exhibition at Milu Gallery hotel in Florence

illustration and print works exhibition in the Florence based Hotel/Gallery

Stage Design for "The journey To Limpopo"

May 22, 2018

Stage Design for "The journey To Limpopo" 

a dance performance for children by Amit Bar am

premiered on Mai 2018 in Kelim Center

The mirror Priestess

Performance piece with Puppetry

The mirror Priestess sits by her alter. instead of a face, she has a mirror. The audiance is welcomed to sit in front of her, gaze into her eyes, which are yours, and then give her a face - drawing it directly on the mirror.

Part of the "Luuuna Park" project in the Jerusalem International Puppet Festival 2017, The Train Theater 

Logo illustration for IshiIshi

Logo illustration for the online shop - IshiIshi

Button Fox שועל כיס

April 29, 2017

Illustration for "Button Fox" clothing atelier by Adi Sevran


Illustration for the SIMULATOR dance program. 2015

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